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How to Turn Green Pumpkins Orange

Are you noticing some green pumpkins in your backyard? Is the end of Summer lurking? Do not fret as I can help you turn green pumpkins orange.

make green pumpkins go orange

You know the score, you have taken great care planting your pumpkin seeds, looking after your vines, adding fertilizer and keeping pests away, so the last thing you want is your pumpkins to die at the last minute! 

I will consider some reasons why your pumpkins are green, whether green pumpkins are edible, and finally how you can encourage them to turn orange. 

Why might your Pumpkins Stay Green?

Green pumpkins are actually unripe pumpkins which are still growing on the vine! It is a normal for them to be this color during growth. However what is not normal is them staying green and not turning orange. 

You might wonder why your green pumpkins have not turned orange?! There are a few reasons that this may happen. If you planted your pumpkin seeds late for a late Fall harvest bad weather may set in before your pumpkins are due for harvesting. 

Late night/early morning frost is extremely bad for growing pumpkins both in the early and late stages of growth. If your pumpkins are still green and temperatures are starting to drop at night and some frost is appearing you would be as well to cut the pumpkins off the vine. 

If you leave them outdoors in continued cold temperatures with lack of sunlight they will stay green forever. There is also a chance they will rot and wilt away and that will be the end of your glorious pumpkin harvest. 

If your weather is glorious and your green pumpkins are showing no sign of turning orange there is chance they may have some sort of infection or powdery mildew.

You should be inspecting your pumpkin leaves and vines on a regular basis to ensure this does not happen. As soon as you notice any sign of this you need to treat the fungal problem with some anti-fungal remedies. 

It is extremely important to prevent pumpkin rot on the vine if you want some produce in time for Harvest.

Can you eat Green Pumpkins?

Like lots of unripe fruits you can eat green pumpkin also. Obviously the taste will be much different to an orange ripe pumpkin even after cooking. If this does not bother you then you need to learn how to grow green pumpkins

I would discourage you from eating part of a pumpkin green that appears to be rotting or has some mold setting in. 

I should mention that there is a green squash which looks like pumpkin and can be eaten. It is known as Kabocha. . Does this answer your question ‘Are green pumpkins edible’?

Lots of pumpkin parts can be eaten. Pumpkin flowers are edible and are actually delicious fried!

How to make Green Pumpkins go Orange?

If your green pumpkins are outdoors in cold temperatures you can bring them indoors if you have space.

When you are harvesting them make sure and leave a few inches of the vine attached to prevent rot. Your pumpkin green will need a bath in some hot soapy water to remove any potential pests and dirt. There is no point in bringing a green pumpkin indoors with insects or mold on it for it to rot indoors, so make sure it is spotless 🙂

After it is cleaned up you should find a warm sheltered area. An area in the front porch would work great. You need some sunlight to shine on the green area of the pumpkin. If it is all green then you need to rotate it so that all sides get sunlight exposure. Hopefully you will be getting some regular daily sunlight to help turn the green pumpkin to a nice bright orange one in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Did this Help you Turn Green Pumpkins Orange?

How to Turn Green Pumpkins Orange

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.