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Growing pumpkins provides advice for seasoned gardeners and beginners alike! Find out everything you need to know about how to grow pumpkins from seed, including when to plant your seeds, when to water and fertilize. How to care for your growing pumpkin vines. There is also some advice on pumpkin growing troubleshooting when things go wrong, for example no female pumpkin flowers. Find out how to deal with animals eating your pumpkins and when is the best time to harvest them!

How to Grow Queensland Blue Pumpkins

Ever see the pretty blueish green pumpkins at your farmer’s market and wonder how you can grow Queensland blue pumpkins at home? These beautiful and sweet pumpkins perfect for baking make an amazing addition to your home garden. These will add a special touch to your holiday baking. What are Queensland Blue Pumpkins? Pumpkin Queensland …

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When is the Best time to plant Pumpkin seeds in 2022?

One of the most common questions I get asked is when is the best time to plant pumpkin seeds in 2022?! For pumpkin growers this is an extremely important question and something that needs to be done at the right time. As soon as Christmas is long gone and the first signs of Spring appear …

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What Animals Eat Pumpkins

Every gardener is very cautious as to what can ruin their produce! If you are growing fruits for Fall you might want to know what animals eat pumpkins! Pumpkins are extremely popular with a large range of animals and other insects who love to have a munch or graze at your lovely pumpkin patch. Humans …

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