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How Much Pumpkin To Give a Dog

Pumpkin is full of many vitamins and nutrients and beneficial to dogs! If you are unsure how much pumpkin to give a dog you can find a detailed guide here.

Coming up to Fall everyone is indulging in pumpkin dishes including the canine family. I mean why should anyone miss out on all the health benefits pumpkin has to offer. Pumpkin can be quite filling so it is hard to determine the correct portion size for dogs. If you are wondering how much pumpkin your dog should have I can help you out.

First I am going to consider why you should include pumpkin in your dog’s diet and how it is useful to treat both diarrhoea and constipation as well as other illnesses. I have split this into individual sections below which will hopefully make it easier to answer any questions on specifics.

Pumpkin for Dogs -Why is it so good to include it in their diet

It will come as no surprise that pumpkin is a great addition to a dog’s diet due to his high Vitamin and mineral content. A diet featuring pumpkin will add Vitamins A, C and E as well as minerals including iron and potassium to your diet. These are needed for eye health, bone health and general wellbeing.

It is a healthy fruit high in fibre, so care is needed with the amount your pet eats. Too much fibre in anyone’s diet is not a good thing.

Homemade pumpkin dog treats are the best way to ensure you are including pure pumpkin with no additives into your pet’s diet. I do not recommend buying pumpkin pie products as they contain lots of salt and spices, which are not good for your dog.

How Much Pumpkin for Dogs

Now that we have established pumpkin for dogs is beneficial you need to know exactly how much to include in their daily diet.

You can cook fresh pumpkin for your dog or you can use canned pumpkin that is already prepared (remember to study the food label and ensure it is pure). Ideally you can also make pumpkin puree which may suit younger dogs.

The size of the dog as expected determines daily recommended levels. Larger dogs can handle around 1 tablespoon daily whereas puppies and smaller dog breeds can cope with 1-2 teaspoons daily according to Prrrs and Wags

Please ensure your dog drinks some water daily as pumpkin is full of fibre. Lack of fluid may mean constipation as fibre will bulk up the intestinal tract.

Older larger dogs can also eat pumpkin seeds which are great for an afternoon snack in between meal times. Remember not to add any flavoring to these.

Is Pumpkin good for dogs with Anemia

I have been asked about the benefit of pumpkin for dogs with anemia. I have had to do some research in his area as I was only ever aware of it being used for GI conditions.

Pumpkin is high in Vitamin B and also Vitamin C. Both these help improve iron profile in dogs. Vitamin C helps increase the absorption from iron containing foods, so anything with high levels is beneficial for anemia treatment.

It is important to note that it is imperative to investigate the cause of the dog’s anemia before starting treatment.

Pumpkin for Dogs for Constipation

As with humans a high food high in fibre is beneficial in treating constipation. It has a dual effect the fibre bulks up the stool and the moisture from the pumpkin helps to keep it soft and therefore easy to pass.

Please stick to the suggest pumpkin amounts above. Dogs do digest pumpkin in around 8 hours so hopefully their bowel movements will return to normal within 12 hours of eating pumpkin.

Pumpkin for my Dog’s Diarrhoea

The treatment for diarrhoea in dogs with pumpkin is basically the same as with constipation. You give them a tablespoon of pumpkin with their meal if they are around 50 pounds in weight, smaller dogs will only need a teaspoon. If you are unsure of how much pumpkin to give a dog then I would recommend airing on the side of caution and giving teaspoons to start.

As you may have gathered from reading this pumpkin has a wide range of health benefits to dogs and is useful in preventing upset stomachs caused by constipation and diarrhoea.

There are many other benefits to dog health in consuming pumpkin which I will not go into for now. If you do have a particular question with regards to pumpkin for dogs, you want addressed please feel free to ask me in the comments section and I will try and answer. If you love your furry friend so much you might want to make a pumpkin dog face this year on your Jack O Lantern.

How much Pumpkin Do you Give your Dog?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.