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Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Puzzle

The life cycle of a pumpkin puzzle is simple enough for school kids and lots of fun! It is a great educational resource for Fall.

pumpkin life cycle puzzle

I think it is great to have a pumpkin life cycle puzzle as it helps teach kids (and adults) about pumpkin growth from seed to fruit. 

Many kids do not realise the different stages in pumpkin growth. They are interested in how to grow pumpkins because they want a monster fruit for Halloween to carve. 

Here you can go through the different stages and explain to kids how long each takes. You can explain that things do not grow overnight and that it takes time. It is also important to let children know you have to care for fruits, i.e addition of fertilizer and watering, as well as protection from pests. 

I go through the best time to plant pumpkin seeds right through to the appearance of flowers, and what to do if you get no female ones, right through to harvesting pumpkins.

Benefit of Puzzles for Kids

Puzzles like this 4 piece jigsaw have lots of benefits. They teach kids pattern recognition as well as the 4 stages of pumpkin growth. 

I think making learning fun means kids are more likely to retain information. Jigsaws can be used for very young children, as well as older kids.

Please print off your free PDF pumpkin puzzle for kids below. You can print this on paper and stick it onto cardstock and have it laminated if you want it to last.  When it is complete you could easily stick it on your wall as a poster. 

Pumpkin Life Cycle Puzzle

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Will you be printing this Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Puzzle?

life cycle of a pumpkin puzzle


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.