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How To Decorate Pumpkins Without Carving!

Uncarved Pumpkin Decoration Ideas

Halloween is coming and I have a pre-schooler and toddler who really love Jack o Lanterns! This year I decided to let them decorate pumpkins without carving!

I really did not want sharp tools anywhere in site so I thought I may as well stock up on ideas, craft supplies and numerous cheap pumpkins!! By the way if your kids love doing this, you can get lots of free Pumpkins straight after 31st October and they can practice for next year.

As for craft supplies you can get these cheap in your local Walmart or Poundshop if you live in the UK! I stocked up on colored tissue, pipe cleaners, glitter, washable paint, stickers and more as you will see when I feature each idea.

These pumpkin activities are a great quiet time activity as well as encouraging children of all ages to be creative.  It helps toddlers and pre-schoolers learn colors and textures! Amelia’s favorite was the unicorn pumpkin decorating!

How to Decorate Pumpkins Without Carving

Some great ideas on how to decorate pumpkins without carving! These are great Halloween activities for toddlers and young kids.

Grab your permanent markers and get drawing on pumpkins! You can copy a picture or use a template. There are lots of free stencils online which you can print out and copy.

I decided to use black marker on these pumpkins but you can use other dark colors also. I drew a witch hat pn a pumpkin.

I also drew a scary face pumpkin and even made a Batman pumpkin.

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Some great creative pumpkin decor ideas for kids to follow this Halloween.

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This Yoda pumpkin painting is the perfect no carve pumpkin decoration for Star Wars fans this Halloween. You need minimal supplies for this no carve Star Wars pumpkin.

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A easy Winnie the Pooh pumpkin painting idea for Halloween! One of my favorite Disney pumpkin decorating ideas!

What other Disney painted pumpkins could you create? How about Minnie Mouse?

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This painted unicorn bunny pumpkin is so easy to do and will look fabulous on your porch or your daughter's bedroom this Halloween.

All little girls love unicorns and bunnies so this is a great no carve pumpkin idea.

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My spider pumpkin designs can be made with markers and some basic craft materials. Perfect way for toddlers to decorate pumpkins.

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Which of my ideas is your favorite? Is there anything you would like me to feature. I can try almost anything.

I do plan to expand my list of pumpkin decorating idea posts so please come back and visit again in the future.

How will you Decorate your Pumpkin without Carving?

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