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What Day is Halloween On This Year 2022

When planning a vacation and festivities for Halloween, my hubby always asks me (well in advance) what day does Halloween fall on.  As we know Halloween date is always the same 31st October, although some local schools have their fireworks and celebrations a few days earlier.

The kids are always off Halloween week which is handy and I am a stay at home Mom so I am here too but hubby draws the short straw and has to work. He is only off if Halloween falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

what day is halloween

When is Halloween 2022?

Halloween is on a Monday in 2022 which is great as we are all off, as we like to celebrate in style. Many Halloween parties will be held including fireworks.

We will probably go out to a local party this year and stay around home on the Friday night so that the kids can get changed into their pumpkin costumes and go and do some trick or treating. 

After trick or treating we also like to get stuck into one of my delicious Halloween Pumpkin Desserts. I have to say I have a seriously sweet tooth so this is one of my favorite times of the year. 

Why I need to know what day of the week Halloween falls?

As I have already said hubby needs to sort leave from work for the special occasion but there are several other reasons I need to know! The Halloween date is always the same but the day changes every year!

We always carve 2 pumpkins each year and like these to be looking their best for the big trick or treat event. Many people do not realise but Jack O Lanterns do not last as well as pumpkins when they are carved and they go bad.

Yep, we should carve our pumpkins no sooner than 5 days before Halloween. This year as Halloween falls on a Monday we will probably design ours on Saturday afternoon. We will be too busy the few days before this and afterwards so Saturday has been marked off as making our Jack O Lantern masterpieces.

We may try some scary pumpkin carving faces this year as well as our normal cute designs! 

when is halloween date

We have the advantage of having an ample supply of pumpkins as we produce our own. Sometimes we mess up our carving (or the kids change their mind what design they want) and decide to start over. These specimens alongside our extra supply are used for cooking divine pumpkin recipes

If you also know how to grow pumpkins you also need to know when best to pick them and optimal storage conditions for carving them as late as possible.

You do not want all your effort in nurturing them lost. Uncarved pumpkins can rot if they are not well hydrated and treated. I must get around to writing up some pumpkin preservation and storage tips. 

When is Halloween in future years?

If you want to be super organized here is when Halloween is in 2022, 2023 and 2024. Make sure and stick this date on your noticeboard for future use. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.