Handmade Halloween Cards

It's amazing how creative you can be with handmade Halloween cards. Get some inspiration from the ones below in the Ebay listings, (or why not cheat and just buy a fabulous one and pretend you made it?).  Hee hee. Actually, you can build your own cards yourself using a kit too. There are lots of those kits available amongst the listings below.  I love this ghost inspired design, which I found amongst the choices on Ebay and there are lots more to choose from. 

Halloween Card by mkj102 on Ebay

Card design by mkj102 on Ebay

I love buying on Ebay, the people selling are always so friendly and helpful, and they are normally willing to post quickly for you.  I'm a seller myself, so I know how important good customer service is to keep that 100% feedback rating. Make sure you only buy from folks with a good feedback score.  The number next to the seller name tells you how many people have left them feedback, so the higher the number the better too!

So back to the beautiful homemade Halloween cards - I know I'm not talented enough or crafty enough to make any of these lovely cards, so I'd be buying some of these examples, or getting a kit so that I can make some but using some really great templates. 

Once you've chosen your cards, why not look at my Halloween party recipes, all with pumpkin for that wonderful fall flavour.

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There are lots of different card and gift ideas on in my page on Pumpkin Gifts. Did you know you can get pumpkin designs on t-shirts, hats, watches, bags, jewelry, and even flip flops?  Not to mention mugs, iphone covers, posters, calendars and heaps more.  Wow! 

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