Healthy, Low Carb,
Pumpkin Sausage Muffins

pumpkin sausage muffins

These healthy pumpkin sausage muffins are sugar free, gluten free and good for diabetics. They are wonderful for breakfast, or for a light lunch with a salad.  I discovered these when I had to go low carb for a while to help control some blood sugar issues. They make a great addition to a high protein, low carbohydrate diet.  I always have a few in the freezer to take out for a quick snack. They only take 1.5 minutes in the microwave from frozen so they are really useful.  You could easily serve them to guests too as a special breakfast or lunch. 

So here's how to make them.  They are really easy.


Makes 12

500g pork mince (preferably free range) or sausage meat
8 eggs
1 cup grated tasty cheese
1 cup heavy cream
Cubes of cooked pumpkin approx 1cm cubed. 
salt/pepper to taste


(To make the cubed pumpkin, roast a quarter or half a pumpkin in the oven for about 40 minutes, allow to cool, then cut 1 cm cubed pieces.  Or cook a slice of pumpkin in the microwave for about 5 minutes or until you can easily put a knife through it.)

Prepare muffin cases in muffin tins. 

Heat oven to 375F or 190C

Place 1 - 3 small cubes of pumpkin in each muffin case. 

pumpkin cubes in muffin cases

Fry the pork mince or sausage in a pan on the stove.  Break up the meat into little pieces as you stir it. 

eggs in bowl with whisk

Meanwhile, beat 8 eggs in a large bow.  Add the grated cheese and beat in the heavy cream.  Season with salt and/or pepper. 

When the pork mince is starting to brown and is cooked through, stir into the egg mix. 

eggs and cheese in bowl with whisk

Spoon the mixture into the prepared muffin cases and bake in the oven for 15 - 20 minutes or until turning golden brown on top. 

Serve warm for breakfast or with salad or vegetables for lunch.

Pumpkin Egg Muffins in Pan

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