Free Pumpkin Stencils

Of course the very best free pumpkin stencils are the ones you make yourself.  That way, you can be sure that your design is going to be totally unique.

Feeling creative, but need some inspiration or some help in getting that Halloween design just right?  It can be hard to draw freehand on a pumpkin, and if you're like me, you're just not that artistic.  But its not too hard to make a great job of the Jack o'Lantern if you use a pumpkin stencil. 

There are plenty of free pumpkin carving patterns available if you have a look around.  I've put some on this page, which you can print out, and enlarge using a photocopier.  Cut out the design of your choice, and tape it onto your pumpkin. 

Then mark the pattern onto the pumpkin using a pin or nail, and making a puncture every 5mm or so along each line. 

Once you've removed the design, you can join up the dots with a pencil or one of your pumpkin carving tools.

free pumpkin stencils
pumpkin stencils

Another way to get free pumpkin carving stencils, is to photocopy a design from one of your favorite books.  Trace the main lines onto a clean piece of paper, and make sure that none of the cut out parts join together. 

Then follow the instructions as above. 

There are lots more tips and ideas to get those creative juices flowing here

And there are yet more free patterns to download at this wonderful site - This site belongs to the family of Paul Bardeen who invented the first specially made pumpkin carving tools. You'll find it much safer to use a properly designed tool than a kitchen knife. Now you can get kits containing tools as well as pattern books, stencils, and a wealth of exciting ideas for Halloween decorations.

Here are a few kits available now on Ebay USA:

And why not check out some of the Halloween recipes on this site to impress your party guests.  Just click on any of the buttons on the left hand column. 

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