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Pumpkin Cat Face For Jack O Lantern

One of the easiest pumpkin carving ideas out there is a pumpkin cat face! Let us face it, everyone likes a cute kitty cat especially at Halloween!

pumpkin cat face

I was seriously surprised at how easy and how popular pumpkin cat carving actually is. Well come to think of it, it was the first suggestion from my 3 year old of what design she wanted on her pumpkin! Apart from pumpkins she associated Halloween with black cats!

You can come up with your own pumpkin cat stencil or you can search for the hundreds available online. Most of these are simple but as always there are some free advanced pumpkin carving patterns for cats too if you want something more intricate.

I have found some awesome pumpkin carvings of cats and cannot wait to share them with you. Of course I have made my own pumpkin cat face carving, and if you like it you can recreate it or make it better. Find it right at the end, because we always save the best to last 🙂

Before you make your pumpkin carving cat why not take a look at the origin of the Jack O Lantern and how it all started!

Cat Face Pumpkin Carving Stencil Designs

Have a cat face on your pumpkin this year with these unreal free pumpkin stencils. I decided to feature some popular cats as I know this is what all the cool kids will want including Cat Boy, Hello Kitty, Top Cat and the Pink Panther.

How about PJ Masks pumpkin template, specifically Cat Boy; he is my son’s favorite character. Heck we have so many Cat Boy toys we could start a shop.

Some people actually think it is easier to paint a pumpkin blue and draw catboy as opposed to carving him so I have shared this below. Sorry about the candy inside, if your kids see this they will definitely demand it!

How about the famous pink cat, that is Pink Panther. I know technically he is a panther, but when I was a kid we always seen him as a cat! He is awesome and makes for an unique pumpkin carving ideas that not many other people will use. Please find a pink panther pumpkin cat face template.

My four year old daughter loves Hello Kitty so I had to search out some Hello Kitty Pumpkin cat face stencils to keep her happy. Some of these look rather complicated so I might have to block off several hours on my diary just to complete one of these.

Who wants to see a Kitty pumpkin carving?! Anyone actually one to make one for me and deliver it to our house before Halloween, I’m joking honestly!!

They are mega cute and well worth the time and effort (not to mention you will have a delighted little girl if you complete one of these). Of course I know what day Halloween falls in 2022 so I can make sure I get it done in time.

Top Cat was a popular cartoon in the 90s and still remains on our screens today. I have included a free Top cat stencil here that bares some resemblance to the cartoon character.

Ideas for Cat Jack O Lantern Faces +Free Pumpkin Cat Face Stencil

I have provided you with lots of pumpkin cat carving ideas but you can easily mix it up a little. You can use star or heart shaped eyes for a starry eyed cat, or love heart cat as I like to call them. I like the spooky cat face carving shown in the video below.

Please feel free to copy my cheeky pumpkin cat carving (you can see the final carve below). I know it’s not perfect but I had a seriously sore hand so had to take shortcuts! I would class it as one of the easy cat pumpkin carving ideas.

pumpkin cat carving

Another idea is to paint this little guy black! We all know witches have black cats at Halloween so if we turned this dark we could say it was the witches Jack O Lantern.

In fact you could always paint it black and then add eyes and a mouth in white paint if you want a no carve idea for your Pumpkin Cat. I have tons of cool painted pumpkin ideas in my locker for little kids!

More Cat Pumpkin Stencils

Would you like more cat face pumpkin stencil ideas? Let us face it no matter how many I show you there are always lots more available. I know I like to see as many different cute cat pumpkin carvings as possible before deciding which one or ones I am going to make!

Bandofcats has an evil cat carving pattern for you to try! It does indeed look very scary so if you do not want a cute cat pumpkin face then this is the one to go for. 

Are there even more cat pumpkin carving patterns out there? Yep every year more and more appear as people come up with different things. 

How about a name for your Cat Pumpkin Carving?

People love to give them pumpkin cats names so I thought I would ask my little girl what she would like to call our pumpkin cat. I guess I picked a traditional name for my Jack O Lantern cat and called him Jack! Amelia called hers Ella as that is the name of one of her friends.

Please feel free to leave your suggestions below for your cat carving pumpkins!

Pumpkin Cat Face Carvings Are Awesome, Hopefully You Agree

cat face pumpkin carving

I hope these pumpkin cat carving ideas have helped you decide which one you will pick for your Jack O Lantern this year. Creative pumpkin decorating is so much fun for all the family, an awesome bonding activity and a great way to make memories.

Why just stop at the face when you can do the whole body?! I have seen some great easy cat pumpkin carving ideas.

Remember it is a good idea to use some professional pumpkin carving tools when perfecting your cat pumpkin face! Trust me I have used some cheap tools before and my hand was aching afterwards! When you need to carve as many Jack O Lantern’s as me this is never good.

If you want some more ideas for your Jack O Lantern check out my Disney pumpkin carving ideas! There are some Disney cats out there too although I am not sure I have any on my list, YET!

I adore Birds of Prey and my Pumpkin carving owl templates are a must for fellow fans. Owls are such a popular animal during the Autumn months.

If you want to frighten the life out of someone on Halloween, then why not go for one of my scary pumpkin face templates. Jack Skellington anyone?

Not a fan of Pumpkin Cat Carvings but still want a Pumpkin Cat?!

pumpkin cat ideas

If you love the idea of having a pumpkin decorated as a cat this year but do not want to do any carving you need to try and paint one! Yep I have a great one over on my list of best painted pumpkin ideas but I also have some other ideas too.

You can always do a partial painted pumpkin and a partial carving! How about painting your pumpkin black, after all most Halloween cats are this color, then you could carve out some eyes and whiskers. You could attach black cardboard ears onto the pumpkin.

I hope you all love my cat pumpkin design ideas! I am pretty sure I can come up with even more if you like!

Have you ever made a Pumpkin Cat Face for Halloween?

Pumpkin cat face pattern

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Kathy Barnett

Saturday 10th of October 2020

Haven't done a pumpkin in years. But used to do some really intricate ones. Want one for this year.


Friday 26th of August 2022

An intricate cat pumpkin face design or something different?

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