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Cool Painted Pumpkin Ideas 2022

If you do not want the hassle of pumpkin carving this Halloween but still want a Jack O Lantern, you ought to check out some of my cool painted pumpkin ideas! These really represent a unique way to decorate a pumpkin! If you want to know what to paint on a pumpkin I have lots of awesome ideas.

pumpkin painting ideas

I have little kids in the house who want to get involved in everything I do. They especially like sharp professional pumpkin carving tools and I know they would be ‘playing’ with them as soon as my back was turned, hence I am opting out of carving this year.

Instead I shall be painting pumpkins or decorating them with glitter and sequins because it is safer and way more for my kids! Another great idea is to decorate pumpkins with markers and sharpies!

I actually drew some cool faces on pumpkins this year and my kids decided they did not like them! So what did they do?

They painted my pumpkins black and sprinkled sequins and sparkly stars over them to hide my pumpkin faces! It actually turned into a really fun (and extremely messy might I add) activity with them throwing all sorts  at the freshly painted pumpkin. You can see what they did below! By the way they are age 3 and 5!

Black pumpkin decorating

I reached out to my crafty friends and they have provided me with lots of creative pumpkin decorating ideas which involve paints!

I really hope these help you decide what you want to paint on your pumpkin. I have everything from Disney to Star Wars, Unicorns and lots more! These definitely represent some of the cool pumpkin painting ideas.

I just had to feature these cool Star Wars Painted Pumpkins by DIY Candy.  They help you turn some plain pumpkins into R2D2 and C3P0. Which one is your favorite? Why not make both of them.

How about making a scary pumpkin face using some paints?! This Jack Skellington pumpkin by Fun Money Mom shows you how to take and faux pumpkin and paint it white and black to look just like Jack Skellington. There is even a video to show you how to do it step by step.

Jack Skellington Painted Pumpkin Idea

Cool Painted Pumpkin Ideas

I just love this range of cool painted pumpkin ideas, and hopefully I can add some of my own unique ideas as soon as I have more than 5 minutes to spare!

These bloggers have all provided step by step tutorials which should make it easy to recreate their painted pumpkins.

This adorable Disney pumpkin painting will be a hit with everyone! I mean who does not love Winnie the Pooh! In fact he may inspire you to make lots and lots of Disney characters this Halloween!

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This will be one of the hottest painted pumpkin ideas for little girls! Who can say no to a pumpkin decorated as a unicorn and a bunny!

Such an easy idea that requires minimal materials!

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This Star Wars painted pumpkin features baby Yoda and is sure to be a hit with boys everywhere!

You need some green paint, baby pumpkin, colored craft foam and a marker to make this little dude.

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How amazing do these donut painted pumpkins look? They also look like the real deal. A really novel painted pumpkin idea for kids who love donuts and rainbow sprinkles. This is such an easy painting task for little kids and would suit preschool.

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Hands up if you are a fan of Ariel, The Little Mermaid? I have lots of ideas for Disney pumpkin carvings but this painted pumpkin with an Ariel theme beats them all. This would also look amazing sitting on top of my bathroom cabinet. Perfect bathroom decor for Halloween if you want something less spooky.

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How awesome are this cat pumpkin. I absolutely love my pumpkin cat face carving so this would work well alongside it. it is a brilliant for those who want a cat pumpkin but do not want to do lots of carving.

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If you have a Fortnite fan in the house (big chance if you have tween kids) they will love you forever if you help them recreate this Tomatohead pumpkin.

I love no carve pumpkin decorating where the entire family can get involved.

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This project uses nail polish to color pumpkins. My little girl always uses nail polish and lipstick to paint so I know she would love this.

These do look seriously good and would make some great Pumpkin home decor specifically for a table centrepiece. I would probably use bright orange nail polish if I wanted to create these.

Yet another fun Pumpkin decorating activity which will keep the kids entertained. Just supervise them closely as we do not want them putting the nail polish into their mouths.

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This looks so awesome and I know my preschool kids are the perfect age for it! It means they can experience the fun of decorating pumpkins without needing carving tools!

I think I will have to have a pumpkin painting party with Amelia and her friends. I would be the coolest Mom in town if I did that!

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If you have a Harry Potter fan in the house and want to decorate a pumpkin in his honor look no further! How great does this no carve painted pumpkin look?! I love Harry Potter pumpkin design ideas.

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A Disney Princess pumpkin with a twist! I love the fact that this one is not all glitz and glamor, which is what we expect with Princesses!

As the author says it does look a tad spooky and looks super simple to create. I might actually do this on one of the cheap real pumpkins I picked up from the store, simply because you do not need many materials to copy this one!

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All little girls will want to decorate their pumpkin as a unicorn!! I already have a unicorn bunny painted pumpkin above but this one is also extremely pretty with it's flower headband.

It is so simple to recreate and will make a pretty decoration for a little girl's bedroom this Halloween.

If you want to use it over again use a faux pumpkin as opposed to painting a real one white.

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These 2 painted pumpkin ideas let you make Minnie and Mickey Mouse from foam pumpkins. These can be used over and over again every year at Halloween.

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Another unique painted pumpkin idea is this Mike Wazowski version! If you want to know how to paint pumpkins in 2021 this is it.

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These rustic themed faux pumpkins are fabulous!! They look great and are one of the best Pumpkin crafts for adults who want some cool Fall decor in their house without breaking the bank!

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The Teal Pumpkin Project is close to my heart as it supports kids with allergies who are unable to avail of all the sweet treats given out while trick or treating!

This cool painted pumpkin idea involves painting a white faux pumpkin teal and turning it into a pretty nice piece of decor!

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There seems to be a theme developing here and it involves turning dollar tree faux pumpkins into some cool painted pumpkins!! That's fine for 2 reasons; they look amazing and they are inexpensive.

This particular painting craft makes farmhouse pumpkins with neutral shades.

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Some more fabulous looking painted pumpkins here that have an outer space theme!!

You can use real or faux pumpkins for this! Even the little ones can join in!

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As you can see from the fabulous cool painted pumpkin ideas above it is much easier than you think to create something amazing and use it as home décor.

I plan to make some rainbow pumpkins this year in tribute to the health service as well as a painted spider pumpkin, which I will decorate with pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

There really is no limit to what you can paint onto a pumpkin, whether it is a splash of color, your favorite cartoon character or even the weather (my next project with my mini faux pumpkins)! I even painted pumpkin rocks this year!

If you still want some new pumpkin carving ideas for 2022 please stop by below:-

Pumpkin Cat Face for Jack O Lantern

Free Advanced Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Free Pumpkin Stencils

Will you be attempting any of these cool painted pumpkin ideas?

cool painted pumpkin ideas

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Sunday 25th of July 2021

practical. Paint mini pumpkins the color of your choice, carve off the top, add the bottom of a water bottle as a vase, and fill with fresh blooms. Then scatter them throughout your house, or use them to line the dinner table.

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